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News Brief

GFC is merging with FYL! Be sure to check out the GFC Store to get 50% off remaining items. Just go HERE . The sale ends July 15!

Together with all of you, Josh, and his family, we made a difference in children's lives all over the world, and we will continue to do the same through FYL with a focus on arts education and cultural awareness.

Go to findyyourlightfoundation.org to stay connected with the charity and support arts education!

The GFC Team (now FYL Council): Val, Julie, Meg, Andrea, Maggie, Lynn and Cindy

Welcome to GFC (Grobanites For Charity)!

We are a dedicated group of volunteers who have banded together with thousands of Josh Groban fans all over the world to support a variety of charitable causes. Our main focus is to raise money for the Find Your Light Foundation, which focuses on Arts Education. (For more information go to www.findyourlightfoundation.org). Josh's fans have already raised over $1,000,000 for his Foundation through on-line auctions, donations and fundraisers at fan gatherings.

is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which is run by volunteers. All of our operating costs are donated by GFC supporters so that 100% of your donations (beyond the costs of the on-line transaction fees and merchandise costs) go directly to the charities we support.

(Grobanites for Africa) is a sub-team within GFC that focuses specifically on projects for Africa. You can visit the GFA website at www.grobanitesforafrica.org.

Tender Totes/Covered With Love
is a sub-team within GFC that makes Totes, Pillowcases, Dolls and Beanies for Shriner and Children's hospitals. For more information on these projects, go to www.tendertotes.org.

Josh and His Family
are very appreciative of all that the fans are doing for charity. You can read messages from Josh and his family by going here:

Since 2004,
Find Your Light and Grobanites for Charity have supported the following charitable causes through donations and projects led by Josh's fans:

  • Siyawela (formerly Zamimpilo Orphanage) / NOAH (KwaMashu, South Africa)
  • Operation USA (for Tsunami Relief, Niger, Katrina Relief and Haiti Relief)
  • Mercy Corps (for Tsunami Relief)
  • Save the Children (for Tsunami Relief)
  • South Central Scholar Fund
  • Toys for Tots
  • Project 46664 (Nelson Mandela's Charity to fight AIDS in Africa)
  • LACHSA (Los Angeles County High School for the Arts)
  • LACHSA Alumni Association
  • Riley's Children's Hospital
  • Shriners and Children's Hospitals
  • Point Hope (Delilah's Charity to help the Buduburam Refugee Camp in Ghana, W. Africa)
  • St. Mary's Dominican School in New Orleans
  • Batonga (Angelique Kidjo's Charity to help women and children in Africa)
  • Optimist Foster Family Agency Services
  • Hogar de Refugio Infantil Orphanage in Mexico
  • Greenbay Elementary School in Chicago, IL
  • A Touch of Love Foundation
  • Arnel Pineda Foundation
  • Community Transitional School (in Portand, OR)
  • African Children's Choir

Thank you,
everyone, for your generous support, participation and donations. You are making a big difference to help children in need all over the world!

The GFC Team - Val, Julie, Meg, Andrea, Maggie, Lynn, and Cindy

Grobanites for Charity is an official licensee of the GROBANITE trademark. The word GROBANITE is used with permission and legal documentation from Josh Groban. GFC is legally obligated by trademark agreement to report any person(s) or group(s) which are using the trademark "GROBANITE" without license.

Please note that the GFC Team's focus and responsibility is for charity matters only. We request that you send fan (or personal) letters and/or gifts to the address listed on Josh Groban's web site.

For the Find Your Light Foundation web site, go here - www.findyourlightfoundation.org
For Josh Groban's official web site, go here - www.joshgroban.com
For the Friends of Josh Groban web site, go here - www.friendsofjoshgroban.com
For more information about Josh Groban, go here - www.thatjoshgrobanguy.com

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